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Patient Billing Policy

Updated 02.24.2023

At Greystone Diagnostics, our mission is to provide high-quality diagnostic testing services to our patients. To help ensure we can continue to deliver on this promise, we have established the following billing policies:



Billing Procedures

  • Greystone Diagnostics will bill patients’ insurance for laboratory services based on their provided insurance coverage information and the services provided.

  • Ordering prescribers should verify insurance coverage and benefits prior to ordering testing making patients aware of their coverage and potential patient responsibility..

  • Greystone Diagnostics will submit claims to insurance providers promptly after providing results to the ordering prescriber .

  • Greystone Diagnostics will send patient statements for any unpaid balances directly to the patient.


Insurance Coverage

  • We accept most major commercial insurance plans, Medicare and TRICARE. We do not accept Medicaid at this time. Patients are responsible for any deductibles, co-payments, or co-insurance as outlined by their insurance plan and dictated by local and federal law.

  • Ordering prescribers should provide their patients’ insurance information at the time of service to ensure prompt processing and accurate billing.

  • Ordered tests that are missing complete insurance and patient demographic information will be placed on administrative hold while a maximum of 3 attempts to contact the ordering provider will be made to obtain the required information. 

  • If accurate and complete patient insurance information is not sent within 30 days, the sample will be considered “failed” and the prescriber notified.


Self-Pay Patients

  • We offer self-pay pricing options for patients without insurance coverage.

  • Self-pay patients are required to pay for services prior to processing.

  • Self-pay test orders still require an ordering prescriber with signed requisition order.

  • Payments must be made by check or money order and made out to Greystone Diagnostics, LLC with the patient name and DOB written on the check or money order. Payment should be included with the sample and mailed directly to the Greystone Diagnostics at:

              10042 Monroe Dr

               Dallas, TX 75209


Unpaid Balances

  • Patients are responsible for paying any balances owed after insurance payment is received.

  • Patient statements will be sent for any unpaid balances.

  • If payment is not received after 90 days, the account may be sent to a collections agency.

  • Payments for unpaid balances may be made by check, money order or paid directly on our website at


Financial Assistance

  • Greystone Diagnostics offers financial assistance to eligible patients who meet certain income and hardship criteria.

  • Patients may request a financial assistance application from our billing department by emailing

Billing Questions

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